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MLA 9th Edition Style Guide: Annotated Bibliography

This guide will assist you in formatting in-text citations and a Works Cited list in the current MLA style.

Annotated Bibliography

Annotations describe or evaluate sources or do both. They should clearly summarize the aims of the work. They can be written as concise phrases or complete sentences. Annotations should generally be no more than one paragraph. Always follow the instructions or guidelines of your professor.

The annotated bibliography has two elements: the citation and the annotation. You should add a line space after the citation and then begin the annotation with a paragraph indent:

Harbord, Janet. The Evolution of Film: Rethinking Film Studies. Polity, 2007.

This synthesis of classic film theory examines the state of film studies as of 2007. It draws on contemporary scholarship in philosophy, anthropology, and media studies.

The list should be titled (centered) Annotated Bibliography or Annotated List of Works Cited. It is generally organized alphabetically by author or title (as for a normal list of works cited) but it can also be organized by the date of publication or by subject.