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MLA 9th Edition Style Guide: Classroom Material

This guide will assist you in formatting in-text citations and a Works Cited list in the current MLA style.

Classroom Material

Here the term is when the course was offered: Spring 2014

Mueller, Alex. Syllabus for Social Networking in the Scriptorium. Spring 2014, U of Massachusetts,


Syllabus for Social Networking in the Scriptorium. Taught by Alex Mueller, spring 2014, U of

Massachusetts, Boston.

Cite a book chapter that your professor uploaded

Levine, Caroline. “Hierarchy.” Blackboard, uploaded by Mary Smith, 10 Oct.


To cite a handout that your professor uploaded

French verb conjugations. Blackboard, uploaded by Valerie Marneffe, 6 Sept. 2017,

Cite a slide presentation uploaded by an instructor to a learning management system

Carson, Sandy. Introduction to Digital Humanities. Blackboard, uploaded by Carson, 20 Oct. 2019, PowerPoint presentation.

Cite an image from a slide presentation on the web

Benton, Thomas Hart. Instruments of Power. 1930–31. The Met, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Slide 1.

Jackson, Shirley. “The Lottery.” Course pack for English 285: American Short Story Writers, compiled by

Anne Smith, Spring 2015, Iowa State U.