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Graduate Research and Innovation Center (GRIC) - English: Hubs

Graduate Research and Innovation Center Informative Guide.


There are various rooms at the Graduate Writing and Innovation Center (GRIC) equipped with the latest technology to support research work:

Available equipment in Hub 1 (Mac Users) for 2-4 people:One (1) 55” monitor

  • One (1) 55” monitor
  • One (1) Apple TV, which can be connected to a PC
  • One (1) table
  • Four (4) chairs
  • Six (6) electrical outlets
  • Eight (8) data ports

Available equipment in Hub 2 (Cloud users) for 2-4 people:

  • One (1) 55” monitor
  • One (1) Stick PC, with keyboard and mouse (order at TIGER office)
  • One (1) table
  • Four (4) chairs
  • Six (6) electrical outlets
  • Eight (8) data ports

Available equipment in Hub 3 (media:scape) for 2-5 people: 

  • Two (2) 32” monitors
  • One (1) table
  • Five (5) chairs
  • One (1) media:scape system, with the capacity to connect four (4) PCs and display two (2) at the same time
  • Four (4) electrical outlets
  • Four (4) data ports

Hubs must be reserved reserved before use.


The Graduate Research and Innovation Center (GRIC) is a space that promotes an academic atmosphere focused on creation, collaboration, interaction and self-sufficiency. Users are encouraged to behave in a civil and respectful manner, in accordance with the GRIC policies discussed below:

Users: The equipment can only be used by graduate students, professors, and researchers.

Academic Integrity: The equipment should be used solely for instructional, academic, or research purposes  related to the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez.

Recommended Use: Hubs are provided for groups of two or more graduate students, professors, or researchers, to carry out academic tasks related to research, such as presentations, thesis meetings, academic article preparation, proposal writing or related activities. Activities not related to the research process, such as administrative meetings, lesson planning, study groups, exam preparation, or similar activities, are not permitted. In addition, these hubs may be reserved by one or more users for video conferences.

  • The hubs may be reserved for no more than 4 hours per group.
  • All users must belong to authorized groups (graduate students, professors/researchers) and have authorized access to the GRIC.
  • Any user who wishes to use a hub must make a reservation.
  • In consideration of others, and to promote the proper use of the hubs:
    • Users should not make a reservation if they will not be using the devices or equipment within the hub. If  dealing with non-confidential information, users are advised to work in the multi-use areas.
    • If the user that booked a hub does not arrive within the first ten (10) minutes of the reservation period, the reservation may be cancelled.
    • Users that book a room must make use of it for the entire reservation period. Leaving personal belongings occupying an unattended hub is not allowed. If a hub remains unattended for longer than 10 minutes,  the reservation may be cancelled.
  • Hubs will be regularly monitored. Therefore, any group using a hub inadequately or without a reservation, will be asked to move or to make a reservation, depending on the situation.
  • The consumption of food or beverages inside the hubs is not permitted.

Appropriate Use of Equipment:The user is responsible for proper use of equipment.

  • The user is responsible for proper use of equipment.
  • GRIC staff recommends that users consult the available user guides prior to operating any equipment.
  • If in doubt, or if the equipment malfunctions, users should contact the Research Services Librarian through the LibGuides chat or email.
  • The user will be responsible for the full cost of replacing any equipment that is damaged or lost.
  • Upon completing all work, users are responsible for properly disconnecting and turning off all the equipment.
  • When using the electrical outlets for personal equipment: please do not obstruct doorways or any other equipment.
  • Please use cables that are in good condition.

If you have any questions on making a reservation, please write to:

Reservar Hubs

For room availability check here

By proceeding, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of reserving hubs.


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GRIC is one of the components of the Transformational Initiative for Graduate Education and Research (TIGER) program at UPRM; it is supported by the US Department of Education, Title V, Part B, Promoting Post-Baccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans (PPOHA) Program (#P031M140035).

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Note: This guide was created by Alessandra Otero, augmented and edited by Hilda Teresa Ayala. English translations by Carlos Santaella and Jocelyn A. Géliga Vargas.