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Graduate Research and Innovation Center (GRIC) - English: Instructions

Graduate Research and Innovation Center Informative Guide.


The Graduate Research and Innovation Center (GRIC) fosters an academic atmosphere based on collaboration, interaction, and self-sufficiency. Users are encouraged to be courteous and mindful of their peers, following the policies listed below: 

Access to GRIC

GRIC private rooms (Hubs), technology, and common areas are for the exclusive use of professors, researchers, and/or graduate students of the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez.

Access requirements
Graduate students, professors, or investigators must:

  • Have a campus-approved identification card.
  • Have an active library account, which should be renewed every semester.
  • To obtain an account, please fill out this form and stop by the Circulation Desk at the UPRM library (third floor) with your identification card to complete the process. Twenty-four (24) hours after completing the process you will be able to use your card to access the GRIC; if the process is completed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday you must wait until Monday to use your card.


  • You must use your validated ID card to enter and exit the GRIC.
  • Place the barcode of the identification card underneath the scanner at the main entrance (see image below). If your card was properly activated the light will change from red to green and blink once to signal that the door has been unlocked.


  • If the green light blinks three times, it means that you do not possess an active account or you don’t have a library account. Please visit the Circulation Desk at the UPRM library to create your account.​
  • ​If you still do not have access, visit the GRIC office, which is located on the first floor of the south wing of the library (in the hallway underneath the GRIC). Our personnel will assist you.

Use of GRIC Facilities

Smoking, food, and beverages

  • Smoking is prohibited inside the GRIC facilities.
  • Consumption of food and beverages is now allowed in any space within the GRIC.
  • Consumption and entry of alcoholic drinks are prohibited within the GRIC.
  • Drinking water in sealed containers are allowed at the GRIC provided they have a lid, are kept closed when not in use, and are placed on the ground, away from computers, electrical outlets, or any other electronic equipment


Users are responsible for maintaining the facilities in excellent conditions. Please clean your work station after each use and do not deposit food wrappings or perishable waste in GRIC trash cans.

GRIC and Library Property
It is considered a crime to: steal, damage, or tamper with the hubs, electronic equipment, furniture, print resources, or any other GRIC property. GRIC staff have the right to denounce any person who incurs in these activities to the corresponding authorities, according to University regulations and the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Personal Belongings
Each user is responsible for his or her own belongings. The library is not responsible for any personal belongings that are stolen, forgotten, or damaged while users occupy GRIC facilities.

The law of Copyright of the United States (Title 17 of the Federal Code of the United States) regulates photocopying and any other reproduction of copyrighted material. The library is not responsible for infractions committed by people who utilize GRIC scanners. Users that utilize self-service equipment are responsible to comply with and act in accordance with current copyright laws and are liable for any infraction.

Reference material

  • All style manuals and reference materials available at the GRIC are its exclusive property; please return them to their corresponding spot after using them.
  • Users are responsible for the proper handling of manuals or other reference materials. If these materials are tampered with or damaged in any way, the user is responsible for purchasing replacement copies.

Additional Policies

Security Cameras
The GRIC has a CCTV system that is recording twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. All activities are recorded following regulations established by the Administrative Board of the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, Certification 02-03-354 (established in 2002 and revised in 2003), which authorizes the installation of security cameras in all buildings on-campus.

Code of Conduct for Users

  • The GRIC is for the exclusive use of graduate students, professors, and researchers of the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez.
  • Unauthorized users will be denied access to GRIC facilities.
  • Users must maintain appropriate academic conduct when utilizing the services of the GRIC.
  • The hubs, technology, and equipment are available for any instructional, academic, or research use pertaining to the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez.
  • Please observe the service hours and closing time as stipulated by the GRIC.
  • Hallways, entrance, or emergency exits must always be free of any obstructions.
  • All users should speak at an acceptable volume.
  • Cell phones, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices must remain silent. If volume is necessary for whatever reason, this should not impede the work of others.
  • Promotional or informative material unrelated to the GRIC is not allowed in the facilities.
  • GRIC equipment and technology must remain connected to power outlets at all times.
  • Users should be considerate of others when handling GRIC mobile equipment, technology, and furniture.
  • Users must reserve the hubs and/or GRIC technology prior to use.
  • Users should not reserve a hub if the technology or equipment within them are not going to be used.
  • Users should not occupy more than one chair or table. Belongings must be placed on the floor near your work area.
  • Users should not sit on tables or stand on chairs.
  • For the safety of all users, only one person should occupy a single chair.
  • If users choose to sit on the floor to work, they must make sure that neither they nor their belongings are obstructing other users or blocking access.
  • When using the electrical outlets to connect personal equipment:
    • Do not obstruct the hallways, hubs, or other equipment.
    • Please use cables that are in acceptable conditions.
  • If users bring children to the GRIC, they should be accompanied by an adult who supervises their behavior. Children should not use GRIC technology nor should they interrupt the work of others. 

Questions or Concerns

Library staff members may not always be physically present during GRIC hours of operation; however, they are available for consultation by appointment. All electronic equipment and hubs have manuals that detail how to properly use them. For more information, you may contact the librarian by email at


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GRIC is one of the components of the Transformational Initiative for Graduate Education and Research (TIGER) program at UPRM; it is supported by the US Department of Education, Title V, Part B, Promoting Post-Baccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans (PPOHA) Program (#P031M140035).

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Note: This guide was created by Alessandra Otero, augmented and edited by Hilda Teresa Ayala. English translations by Carlos Santaella and Jocelyn A. Géliga Vargas.