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Theses, Dissertations, and Project Reports (TDP): Research Protocols

Before You Begin Your Research

It is very probable that before you begin your research project, you will have to comply with some preliminary protocols. These can include:

  • Review of your research plan by CPSHI
  • Successful completion of a research ethics course
  • Acquiring of government permits

In this section, we include information about some of these requirements, and we provide some links that may be useful.

CPSHI and CITI Program

If your investigation involves the participation of human research subjects, you must obtain prior approval from the Committee for the Protection of Human  Research Subjects (CPSHI). This includes any study where you obtain information about people through intervention or interaction, even if this does not occur in a direct or in-person manner.

In these cases, CPSHI may require you to complete training modules from CITI Program as a condition for conducting your study. These modules cover several research ethics topics that you must be familiar with if your study includes human research subjects.

Important note: In addition to covering topics related to the protection of human research subjects, CITI Program covers other areas of research integrity, such as ethical treatment of animals and lab safety. Depending on the nature of your study, you may be required to complete different training materials.  

If your TDP research plan required approval by CPSHI, evidence of this approval must be included as an appendix in your final work.

To request review by CPSHI of a proposed research project, go to

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

If you plan to conduct research involving non-human vertebrate animals, it is important that you have access to the following resources from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC):

If you have questions regarding studies of this kind, you can write to  

Government Permits

Department of Natural and Environmental Resources

If you are going to conduct an investigation which involves vulnerable or endangered species or certain types of protected wildlife, you may have to obtain a permit from the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources. To request this permit, you may visit

For a PDF version of the permit request document, click here.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

This is another agency you may have to contact and obtain a permit from if your TDP involves wildlife studies. To access the website of the agency's Caribbean Ecological Services Field Office, visit 

Puerto Rico Department of Education

The Department of Education has a platform where you can submit research proposals and obtain necessary authorization to conduct your studies. To access the platform, visit