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Theses, Dissertations, and Project Reports (TDP): Home

Purpose of This Guide

The objective of this guide is to support UPRM graduate students as they prepare their theses, dissertations, and project reports (TDPs). We look to clarify different details of the process and address frequent questions. The guide goes into general format and structure aspects of TDPs which are common to diverse disciplines. It also provides links to resources that can be very helpful in the various stages of developing your TDP, such as the planning phase, writing, and presenting the finished work.

It must be stressed that each TDP will be unique. The elements that distinguish one TDP from the next will be related to discipline-specific characteristics as well as the very particular circumstances of each individual study. Therefore, when in doubt, always make sure to consult your advisor and your graduate committee.

We wish you the absolute best in your work!

Helpful Books

A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers

LB2369 .T8 2013

Proposals That Work: A Guide for Planning Dissertations and Grant Proposals (5th ed.)

Q180.55 .P7 L63 2007

Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation: A Step-by-Step Guide

LB2369 .G56 2005

Guía para la preparación de propuestas, tesis e informes de proyecto en el Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez

LB2369 .G85 2000

Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day: A Guide to Starting, Revising, and Finishing your Doctoral Thesis

LB2369 .B57 1998

How to Write a Successful Science Thesis: The Concise Guide for Students

LB2369 .R86 2006

Theses and Dissertations: A Guide to Planning, Research, and Writing

LB2369 .T458 2008

Guía práctica para la redacción de propuestas y documentos de tesis: Maestría y doctorado

LB2369 .V55 1993 C.1

UPRM TDPs in Your Field

If you are starting on your TDP, it can be helpful to look at recent TDPs submitted by UPRM students from your same field of study. This will help you become familiar with the content and format requirements of your discipline. Scholar@UPRM, our campus's institutional repository, is fantastic for this. To learn how to search for TDPs from your department or program in Scholar@UPRM, click on the image below.

What are the objectives of a thesis, dissertation, or project report?

Your TDP is an opportunity to make a unique and original contribution to your field of study. Through your work, you show your ability to conduct an independent investigation and communicate results effectively.

Your TDP also represents a tremendous opportunity for you on a personal level, given that it will help you immensely in terms of your development as a researcher in your discipline. In the process of developing your TDP, you will learn about diverse perspectives and trends in your field, and you will familiarize yourself with common methods and practices. Additionally, you will enhance your abilities to locate and analyze information critically and manage a project from beginning to end.

Clínicas de los GWFs

The Graduate Writing Facilitators (GWFs) foster development of academic communication skills in English, both in writing and orally. Their services are directed to the graduate student community at UPRM.

Below, you will find links to clinics provided by the GWFs which will be extremely useful as you prepare your TPD.

To see more educational material produced by the GWFs, click here.

Databases That Include Theses and Dissertations

Several of the databases available to you through the General Library provide access to the full text of theses and dissertations. To access the list of these databases, click here.

Database Alerts

How to Create Database Alerts

Database alerts are extremely helpful for long-term research projects like TDPs, being that they keep you informed about the latest publications in your field. This brief video explains how you can create an alert that is specifically tailored to your needs.

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