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ORCID and Other Unique Researcher Identifiers: ORCID for researchers


What are the benefits of obtaining an author identifier through the ORCID system?

  • As an identifier, ORCID makes your work distinguishable from that of other investigators. 
  • As a registry, your researcher identity will be preserved in an accurate and long-lasting digital archive, which facilitates correct and trustworthy attribution of your publications. 
  • As a platform, ORCID maintains automatic links between your author profile, your articles, and your data sets. These links can be used in the publication process and when requesting research funds.
  • ORCID allows you to choose what information from your profile you want to share. Only the 16-digit code is automatically made public, even when you make your profile private.
  • ORCID makes it possible for you to add the information related to all of your grants in one step.

Your profile data

How does ORCID manage your profile data? 

  • ORCID requires you to share your name and identifier. However, you have the option to not make public other information, such as data about your academic preparation, acquired grants, publications, and work experience. 
  • That way, you have control over how your profile data is shared. For this reason, ORCID allows you to keep your entire profile private or make certain sections that contain information you do not wish to share private. Only your identifier (the 16-digit code) remains public when you make your profile private. If you choose to make your profile private, none of your data will be shared, and it will only be used by the system to verify your profile in cases of doubt or name duplication.

  • The ORCID privacy policy was initially reviewed by privacy experts and is now certified by TRUSTe. Read ORCID's privacy policy here.
  • ORCID utilizes your contact data to provide you information about relevant services.

ORCID and your publications

How can you link your publications to your ORCID profile? 

  • By providing your identifier to editors, publishers, and academic journals that request your ORCID iD during the article submission process. 
  • Authorizing publishers or federal agencies to automatically update your ORCID profile the moment the submitted article is published.
    • In order to authorize the entity...
      • Log into your ORCID account 
      • Click on the "Add Funding" option 
      • The "Search and Link" option provides access to "ÜberWizard"
      • Click on ÜberWizard. A window which looks like the image below will open. Follow the indicated steps. 


  • Importing your publications, patents, government grants, and other works to your ORCID profile 
    • In order to import your publications...
      • ​ Log into your ORCID account 
      • Click on the “Add works” option
      • ORCID offers three ways to link your work: searching by title, importing from BibTex, or adding your publication data manually. See this tutorial



Researchers-Get your ORCID 

Learn how ORCID is different from Google Scholar and how it helps your research metrics.


Where to find more information

For more information on ORCID and how it benefits researchers, visit:

Examples of ORCID iDs for UPRM faculty

Sunil Mathanker
Department of Agricultural Sciences

Evaluz Cotto-Quijano
College of Business Administration

Oscar Marcelo Suárez 
Materials Science and Engineering

Examples of ORCID iDs for UPRM graduate students

José E. Mercado Androvel 
Department of Chemistry 

Hildelix Lined Soto Toro

Department of Engineering