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Licensing Your Thesis For Reuse: How do I apply CC licenses to my works?

Application of CC Licenses to Theses, Dissertations, and Project Reports

How do I add a Creative Commons logo to my thesis?

You can add a Creative Commons logo to any work you create, including your thesis, dissertation, or project report. A great benefit of CC license logos is that they are widely recognized, and they communicate in an easy-to-understand manner what conditions you have established for the use of your work.

Obtaining a CC logo and adding it to your thesis is very simple and completely free. Below, you will find an explanation of how you can do this using a tool from the Creative Commons website.

Choosing a CC License

Creative Commons License Generator

The Creative Commons website has a digital tool that you can use to select a CC license and obtain a corresponding electronic logo. Once you have the logo, you can place it on any work you create. You can learn about this tool by visiting the "Share your work" section of the website, or you may access the tool directly by going to or clicking on the image on the right.

This tool, which like the licenses themselves is totally free, guides you in the process of determining what permissions you want to grant regarding your work, as well as what conditions you want to establish for its use by others.

In addition to helping you select a license, the tool lets you enter your information as creator of the work. This information will come in handy for people who use your work, as it will guide them when they make the required attribution of authorship.

The license selection process is very simple. Once you've made a selection, the tool generates your license. The tool also generates code which you can embed on your work if the work is in an electronic format.