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Open Access: Characteristics and Benefits for the Academic Community: UPRM Author Addendum for Amendment of Publication Agreements

Enmienda a Acuerdo de Publicación (Author Addendum)

As part of the GRIC's scholarly communications services, we have prepared a document that researchers can use when submitting a manuscript for publication. The document's purpose is to help authors negotiate with publishers in order to retain some rights over the use of their work. This would allow the author to disseminate their research product or creative work more widely by doing things like publishing it on their web pages, distributing it in educational and academic activities such as seminars and conferences, and depositing it in digital repositories such as Scholar@UPRM. The use of this document is particularly important for graduate students interested in reusing part or the whole of a manuscript in future works, such as their thesis or dissertation.

Nowadays, the use of author addendums is pretty common, and publishing entities frequently accept this kind of agreement. Our author addendum obtained the approval of our campus Office of Legal Affairs and can be used by any member of the academic community of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez.

Below are some links you can use to access the author addendum. We have prepared English and Spanish versions, and you can access either one in pdf or docx format.


Versión en español:

English version: