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Choosing Where To Publish Your Research: Home

This guide discusses factors that researchers should consider when evaluating journals and choosing where to submit their research products


The purpose of this guide is to help researchers choose the best place to submit their manuscripts. Although we are aware that research can be disseminated in a broad variety of ways, this guide focuses mainly on journals. We discuss a variety of factors that you should take into account when choosing what journal you will submit your research paper to. Some of these factors are:

  • Bibliometrics (Journal Impact Factor, CiteScore, etc.)
  • Journal scope and aims
  • Journal audience
  • Editorial process
  • Acceptance rates
  • Options for additional dissemination allowed by the journal

We hope you find the information contained in this guide useful. Best of luck with your publishing!

Some Resources to Get Started

The following are some resources that you can use to get an initial idea of things you should consider when selecting the journal where you will submit your research paper.

ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication

This resource is especially useful for chemists, but provides information that is very relevant to scholars in other fields as well. See section 2.2 of the guide, titled "Selecting a Scientific Journal".

Scientific Writing for Agricultural Research Scientists

Chapter 2 of this book, titled "Choosing a Journal in Which to Publish", is very helpful for this topic.

IEEE Author Center

This resource provides comprehensive guidance for authors in the engineering field. One of the sections, titled "Find a Journal", can help you identify a publication that fits the characteristics of your work.

Ready to Submit Your Research to PLOS?

This resource from PLOS, a science, technology, and medicine open-access publisher, provides some advice on choosing a journal. It also includes information about impact metrics and a Publishing FAQs section. 

Choosing the Right Journal for Your Research: A Comprehensive Guide for Researchers

This ebook is available for download in the Taylor & Francis Author Services website.

Elsevier Researcher Academy

Researcher Academy is an Elsevier product that provides e-learning modules on a variety of topics related to the research lifecycle. One of the modules you can access is titled "Finding the Right Journal".


This website is designed to help researchers identify trusted journals and publishers for dissemination of their work. It's a great resource for information on how to avoid predatory journals.

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