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Academic Integrity: Ithenticate

What is iThenticate?

IthenticateiThenticate ( a plagiarism prevention tool that compares documents (including journal article manuscripts, proposals, research reports, thesis, and dissertations, etc.) against millions of published works available through the Internet and subscription databases.

Who can apply for a iThenticate account?

- Faculty/Researcher

- Graduate Students

- Administrators

Undergraduate Students can request an account if he/she is the main authors in a research paper.

Open an iThenticate account

If you wish to open an account, please complete our service form. Make sure to fill out all the required sections.

How can I use iThenticate?

Authorized faculty/researchers, administrators and students can use iThenticate to verify research products such as thesis, dissertations, proposals, funding agencies reports, and articles for publication. For class assignments or other course related projects please read Turnitin section.


  • Documents up to 400 pages can be verified.
  • Allows collaboration.
  • Does not store copy in a database.

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