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TIGER: Biomedical & Aerospace Facilities

Center of Advanced Aerospace Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies (CAVE)


Location: Luchetti 100
Coordinator: Prof. Ricky Valentin

Description: The CAVE is a center that provides rapid manufacturing of low volume 3D printed, CNC-machined, sheet metal, and soon injection-molded custom parts for prototyping and short-run production. Aerospace, medical devices, electronics, appliances, automotive and consumer products are known to use these parts. The primary main goal is to provide students with relevant, high tech equipment to advance in their research and to graduate work-ready engineers for today's industrial employers and the manufacturing challenges of the future.

Thermal Processing Laboratory (TPL)


Location: Stéfani 312
Coordinator: Prof. O. Marcelo Suárez

Description: The laboratory is fully dedicated to the processing of materials via specialized high temperature equipment. The space has been furnished with an extraction unit, a robust air conditioning rack, an emergency shower and sufficient 220V and 110V to support the energy consumption of the hosted furnaces hosted. The main piece of equipment is a split vertical tube furnace with 80mm OD quartz tube and vacuum flanges (MTI Corp. model OTF-1200X- 80-VT-UL).

Center for Biomedical Engineering and Nanomedicine (CBEN)


Location: Chemical Engineering 101
Coordinators: Prof. Eduardo J. Juan García & Prof. Madeline Torres

Description: The Center was created with the vision of investigating biomolecular interactions of novel materials for medical applications. The unique nature of its users provides a forefront multidisciplinary and translational approach to biomedical research unique on the Island. To achieve these goals CBEN possesses cutting-edge facilities that include cell culture suites, a spinning disk confocal laser scanning microscopy facility, and equipment necessary for nanomaterial synthesis, characterization, and cellular and molecular analytical equipment.