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Graduate Research and Innovation Center (GRIC) - English: Videos

Graduate Research and Innovation Center Informative Guide.

Canal de YouTube del GRIC

You can find video tutorials and recordings of GRIC workshops in our YouTube channel  -

Below are some of our most recent videos.

To access clinics by our Graduate Writing Facilitators, visit

Licensing Your Academic Work for Reuse and Enhanced Impact

This workshop covers the different Creative Commons licenses and explains the benefits of applying them to your academic works.

Tour de guías para Scholarly Communications

This workshop presents several online guides created by GRIC personnel to support members of our research community in topics related to scholarly communications.

Research Data Management: 10 things to consider before you begin your research

This workshop covers the fundamental elements you should consider before beginning your research project to make sure that, when you have finished your study, your data can be located, accessed, and reused by other researchers without problems.

Cómo usar la plataforma DMPTool

This video explains how to navigate DMPTool, a platform that helps you prepare data management plans, or DMPs. DMPTool is especially helpful if you are working on a grant proposal, since many funding agencies require you to submit a DMP.

If you wish to learn more about data management best practices, visit our online guide titled Gestión de datos de investigación (RDM por sus siglas en inglés).

Introducción a OpenRefine

This workshop shows basic functions of OpenRefine, an application that's very helpful for cleaning messy data and preparing it for the analysis stage. Along with the video, you will find the workshop slides. These include links to additional resources you can access to learn more about this tool.